The Garden of Eden/Turdburger Rant

Sigh…today I read an article about a Japanese scientist who has figured out a way to make a meat substitute from “sewage mud,” which is the polite Japanese way of saying “human poop.”  (If you really want to read about this, here’s a link: ).  Upon reading said article, I quickly cycled through the “That is rePULsive!” and “Who in his right mind would even think to do this?” and “Who in his right mind would actually EAT this?” stages and landed with a decisive THUD on the “Why do human beings think they can improve on every single thing God ever made?” stage.  And there I have stayed.

Quite frankly, this trait of ours irritates me.  In regard to this latest “scientific” discovery, it’s bad enough that we now raise most of our meat in gigantic, unethical, unsanitary feedlots. (In fact, I only buy grass-fed, organically-raised meat from a local farmer to feed my family because of how gross feedlots are.)  But at least it’s actual meat and not POOP!  I mean, really.  Why have we taken a perfect source of protein, made for us by a very smart Creator, and decided to “improve” on it by making a fake version of it out of caca????  Do you think the Lord is up there shaking his head in unbelief at our stupidity?  Or maybe even questioning his decision never to flood the earth again?  I would, if I were in charge.  It’s probably good that I’m not…

We do this kind of stupid stuff a lot, us humans, and we’ve done it from the very beginning.  We thought we needed to eat from the one verboten tree in the Garden, to “improve” ourselves – and look where it got us.  We built a giant tower in homage to ourselves, to “make a name for ourselves,” and yeah, that worked out well, too (reference Genesis 11:1-9).  In modern-day society, we’ve added antibiotics and hormones to food animals and genetically modified food plants in the name of making them “better.”  We’ve got a pill for every ill, real or imagined, to fix the issues created by our “better” diet.  We’ve set up unrighteous laws and regulations because we are convinced we can govern ourselves “better” with them than with the original Law (and its fulfillment).  We’ve bastardized the covenant of marriage – because it’s “better” for us if we give it a trial run before committing.  We’ve made “gods” out of all kinds of things because the idea of a sovereign, holy God is outdated, uneducated/unenlightened, inconvenient to our self-serving lifestyle.   And on and on.  Very few things have remained “unimproved,” much to our detriment…

The question of why we do this was completely hypothetical, by the way.  I know why we do it.   It’s pride, pride that has gone way past healthy and into sinful territory.  And it bugs the daylights out of me that we are so stubborn and locked on to this desire to elevate ourselves above all else.  God created us to be creative beings, and that is an amazing thing.  But for some of us, it’s not enough.  We must be the best or the only creator.  We must make all things “better” than their original design.  The saddest part about it is what a counterfeit of freedom this results in, and how many people accept it as the real thing.  Kind of like turdburgers.  They will never, ever come close to being as good as real burgers made from ground-up cow.  Ever.  But the scientist who developed the product feels that with the right kind of marketing, people will buy his poop meat happily.  If that doesn’t sound like the marketing tactics employed by the enemy, I don’t know what does.

I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, “HEY, WORLD!  STOP SETTLING FOR POOP MEAT!  STOP BELIEVING THE LIES!  TRY THE REAL THING FOR ONCE AND SEE IF IT ISN’T TOTALLY AWESOME!!!”  I wonder if anyone will listen.