One Moment in Tiiiiime…

(Admit it.  You’re singing.)

We-e-e-e-e-e-ll, I should know better than to think I could dash off a quick, encouraging post whilst sitting at the airport, waiting to board a plane, which is exactly what I’m doing.  It’s those darn rabbit trails…I had a thought in mind, and I was going to talk about it on the simplest, most superficial of levels, but then when I went to research the components of my thoughts, I started thinking about nuances of words and how they’d apply to what I wanted to say, which meant I had to look up the nuances, which led to more thoughts…heck, just re-reading my last sentence is making me tired!

So.  Instead of telling you what I was GOING to tell you, I will share with you the reason I am at the airport.  I’m sitting here because someone I love said yes to God when He asked if she was ready to walk into some brand new healing.  And He had told me I was going to be a part of it several months ago, but I had to wait for her to be ready.  And she is.

God told me my word for 2014 is “new.”  As in, He makes all things new.  This year will be about new ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, new ways of Him doing things and showing me things, maybe new jobs, new locations…I’m not even sure yet.  What I do know is that He has said clearly to me that things can change in a single moment.  I am not to stress about what I don’t see happening, but I am to watch for those moments and be ready.  He called them “flashpoints,” and I saw a timeline with these big dots on it.  Periodically, one of the dots would flash once – like when you throw those little crackerballs on the ground.  One quick pop, and then it was done.  I got the sense that He is being very intentional about things in this season, and each one of those flashpoints is only gonna flash once.  I don’t want to miss any of them.

This moment in time is a flashpoint for my friend, and the way this trip came about is a VERY big object lesson for me regarding how a couple of things I reallyreallyreallyreally want to happen are probably going to happen.  Not that I have details, obviously, but they’re gonna be single moments that flash and then everything will be different…if I don’t miss them.

Be encouraged!  I know I’m not the only person in the world this word applies to.  If you are facing impossible situations, don’t focus on what’s not happening.  Be looking for the flash!

On that note, adios…I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…and you’re singing again, aren’t you? 😉

Hello Again!

Hi, strangers!

To everything there is a season, right?  It seems that 2013 was NOT a season of blog-writing for yours truly.  Or much writing of any kind, actually.  Hopefully, 2014 will prove to be different.

What 2013 was was a season of intensely going after some big things like dreams, like identity.  It was a season of laying down old ideas and defenses.  It was a season of defining boundaries – some needed to be erased, some needed to be modified, and some needed to be constructed.  It was a season of picking up paintbrushes and learning how to take joy in the act of creating, rather than worrying about whether the creation would be “good enough.”  (That one was tough, let me tell ya, because I believed in doing all things in what I thought was excellence.  What I learned was that excellence just might have more to do with attitude than with skill.  Skill can be learned.  Attitude must be chosen.)

I think last year was tough on just about every person I know.  Some of the stories I’ve heard, well, let’s just say a bunch of people are glad to put 2013 behind them and not look back.  But those same people are also feeling pretty positive about the new year.  I, myself, sense some big, big things getting ready to happen in my life.  And where 2013 was a season of a sort of turning inward, dealing with very personal things in a very private way, 2014 feels like it needs to be lived out loud.  If 2013 was a greyscale pencil sketch, 2014, in contrast, seems to be a canvas begging to be splashed with every hue, tint, tone, and shade known to man, and maybe a few that aren’t!

I’m hoping to share all that color with y’all through this blog again.  Part of me really missed writing it, but the rest of me was just so overwhelmed and tired out by everything going on that pellucere ceased to be a priority.  But I think I’m b-a-a-a-a-a-c-k!  And I’d love to hear from you, as well.  What’s been going on in your life?  What do you see this year holding for you?  What would you like to see me write about?  Does the rain in Spain stay mainly in the plain? 😉

Here’s to 2014!!